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Friday, 8 September 2017

6 Unique and Amazing Apps & Games for Android, You Must Try – Androplayapps

Hey guy, What’s up? Getting bored with your Android Device due to the same illogical Apps and Games? If Yes! Then don't worry because this time I have searched and selected some random apps and games which are totally different and unique that you must try and start having fun with you 'boring device'.
Android is an open source so there are hundreds of apps which are uploaded on Google Play Store every day, you just need to find out which app is the One perfect for you, don't you worry just keep reading at Androplayapps and find out all the amazing things that you can enjoy on your Android Device.

So by not wasting any more time, let's start with the List of 6 Unique and Amazing Apps and Games that you must be waiting to download and try on your mobile :-

1. HOLO:-
 You must have heard about VR Gears or something like AR technology. AR is a technology on which the big companies like Apple and Google are working on. So what does this AR do, the work of this AR project is that in which your phone will show you so many things in the real world by using your phone's camera. It means you can do things like animation or make Virtual Life videos just with your phone. As that project is in process, this HOLO app is kind of based on that project. 
    In this app you can see different things which you choose in that already given list, you just have to open this app which just uses your back camera and that's it you can now see the things in your phone but with the real world. You can record videos or click pictures whatever you like but it is really fun to use it. It is not stable yet because that technology is not perfectly made yet.. but still it worth to at least try this app once.
    Download LINK

    I know the name is a little weird but what you're missing out is the fun you will get while playing this game. This game is an online multiplayer battle, not like the other games where you beat your opponent with some guns or grenades but in this game, you have to eat them, yes you read it correct. So what you have to do is download this game and just start playing, if you want to keep your score safe just sign up using Facebook. Once you signed up you are ready to play.
There are many people playing this game, once you click on play the game will connect you with one of its server where you will see other players, in this game you are a little ball, you just have to give the ball direction to eat small things or other small players to become, but dodge those who are bigger than you, they will try to eat you. Just save yourself and survive to be the no. one in the top list. Do you have that power to survive and become the no. 1 player?  Just Download and start playing..
Download LINK.

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3. Maze Planet 3D:-

  You must have playing these maze games from your childhood either in newspapers or magazines and even in small games where you have to find the way out of the maze but in this game there is something different. In this game you don't have to find the way out but you have to reach the goal within the given maze level and that is too not so simple because the levels are little tough. 
You are given with a ball and a Planet like maze floating in space having its own gravity which will not let your ball out easily just by flying or anything. As you move your ball you will see the planet revolving with the ball just like us on Earth. It has the best graphics and animations which looks just awesome and unique than other games. 
Must try this game if you want to have a real fun with this awesome puzzle game. 
Download LINK.

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4. Floats:-
     Have you ever wanted to make you device beautiful and awesome looking inside by using some amazing Live Wallpapers and faced the problem of draining battery too fast? If yes! then this app is specially made for you. This app provides you different material designed shapes live wallpapers which will make your device a little more attractive and also with not u killing your battery. This app provides you more than 24 shapes which you can set plus you can change the color of these shapes. This app's wallpapers use simple breathing type animation which gets smaller and bigger like human lungs. This app will use your device's gyro sensor to change the scaling of the wallpaper according to screen. 
I recommend this wallpaper app because it's very different than others.
Download and Try now.
Download LINK. (PAID)

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5. Control Center:-
     Having more than 100 thousand downloads and 4.7 star rating on Google Play Store this app is the most recommended app for your device if you want to use your device more quickly. It is just like the Apple Ios feature in which the control feature opens when you swipe up from the bottom. In this app you can also change the direction of swiping (right, left or bottom). It is a bit of like the assistive touch which gives you some short-cuts to perform some tasks quickly. 
In this app you can perform tasks like switching wi-fi, bluetooth, air mode on/off. You can play and change the music, control volume/brightness level, open camera/calculator etc., easily just swiping up. 
This is very useful app and can be used easily and it is also very attractive with bright colors.
Download LINK.

6. Qubiso:-
So the last app or you can say game is the most addictive puzzle game you've every play till now. As the name is unique so the game must have to be unique as well, and it stays on its word. In this puzzle game you just have to click on the broken pieces to change their shapes and join them in such a way that it will get closed from all the sides. Sounds easy right? Actually no coz if it’s that easy then it wouldn't make it to this list. It's an incredible game with unique 30 stages whose level upgrades and every other stage and it also has infinite level in which you can create shapes infinite time because there are no limits.
It is the best game in its category that I liked this much till date. 
So don't wait and try right now. 
Download LINK.

So the above list is completed now. Please share it with your friends and relatives by sharing it on social media. Waiting for your comments.
Thanks for reading.
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